Friday, March 18, 2011

How to be a winner :) )

the 1st thing u guys need to remember is,all of your thoughts will change to words, words will change to action,after that it will change to habit ,and habit will form a character and WILL DETERMINE OUR DESTINY
there are 7 principles for success,actually there are six that i learnt at leo leadership camp
but i add one :))

1.)positive mental attitude
2.)the power of goal setting(u need to have goal so that u will know the purpose of your life)
3.)personal initiative & discipline
4.)attractive personality & enthusiasm
5.)attentiveness & accurate thinking
6.)leadership and 'team spirit' (a team is any unit of organization of two or more persons working together towards achieving a common shared goal)
7.)always pray to Allah S.W.T :) )

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