Friday, March 4, 2011


1st exam ,not so good i guess , bm-a-,bi-a-,add math-b+,bio-b,physic-b,chemistry-c+,sej-b,geo-b,math-d,agama-b+ , 2a-2b+4b1c+1d ,erghh im not doing really good in the first exam ,gotta work harder to imporve my result ,im not just gonna give up like that am I?hahaha XD  so my ranking in 4adil is number 16 from 28 ,all of them were taking biology ,so all of us can worked together ,shared our knowledge :)) but sometimes , i felt like im not supposed to be in 4adil class,i donno why but i felt like im not been appriciate really well , for example when the teacher is teaching,i always asked the teacher the part where i don't understand ,but there are certain students show their maniaccc facesss~~ hmmm kinda sad..but still,i really wanna be a doctor,so i need to keep off from those glances although it's kinda annonying ,.

happy alwayss :))

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