Saturday, March 5, 2011

About me :)

Khairul Hafizuddin bin Azmi
that's my real name guyss! :))
i was born in 3rd february 1995
i am number 3rd,i have one brother and two sister :)
people loved to called me kero,kiroro,and hafiz :))
i lived at taman inderasempurna
i love to draw ,that's my greatest talent :)) there are this american lady( my siblings) said
that she really love my drawing(Michael Jackson)
my num 01********
now,im 16teen,im taking science stream,in the future ,i wanna to be a doctor :))
SMK.Cenderawasih,yeahh that's my standard school :))
that's the place i learnt about friendship,
thanks to my lovely bro adzim fahimie :))
Oh btw, my result in pmr ,hmm not so great ,3a5b
A-english,pendidikan Islam,and science :))
although that i love art,but still,i want to be in medic world :))


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