Thursday, December 30, 2010

Adzim Fahimie Word's

i felt really happy when he answer my question....i asked him,why aren't yerr felt sad at all???u always looked happy compared to me..actually ur the one who had a hard time compared to mine
and then he answerd - Happy? Im always happy. :)) -

Adzim Fahimie - Happy?Im always happy. :))

thanks for always helping me :')

My Drawing

Today , im gonna show u guys my sketch - Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber-

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


hye my name's khairul hafizuddin ,today im gonna show u how to make a comic ,okey im gonna skip a lot of steps because some of the step is to easy and i think i don't wanna to explain it to much
The steps that i wanna teach u all is - how to make a dialog ;)

1st step - u need to install photoscape program
2nd step - u need to have the picture in ur PC

this is the example a picture dialog
okey the first thing is u need to open the photoscape program ,and the choose the picture that u wanna put dialog on it ,after that ,u choose 'object' and then u will find a speech ballon ,click that ;)

 this is the picture(i made it by myself) that u will get after clicked at the speech balloon-
u can choose any size of the speech balloon the size of the letter ;)
after done,click ok ,and u have succeded on making a dialog on ur comic :D

  this is the example of a picture that i have done putting a dialog on it-
 done it! ~


Saturday, December 11, 2010

one litre of tears

                                               1 litre of tears -

15-year-old Ikeuchi Aya was an ordinary girl, the daughter of a family who works at a tofu shop, and a soon-to-be high schooler. However, odd things have been happening to Aya lately. She has been falling down often and walks strange. Her mother, Shioka, takes Aya to see the doctor, and he informs Shioka that Aya has spinocerebellar degeneration – a terrible disease where the cerebellum of the brain gradually deteriorates to the point where the victim cannot walk, speak, write, or eat. A cruel disease, as it does not affect the mind in the least. How will Aya react when told about her disease? And how will Aya live from now on?

This beautifully moving drama is based on the real-life struggles of a 15-year-old girl named Aya who suffered from an incurable disease, but lived life to the fullest until her death at 25. The script is based on the diary Aya kept writing until she could no longer hold a pen. The book that later followed entitled “One Litre of Tears” has sold over 1.1 million copies in Japan alone.

Aya’s only wish was “to live.” By carefully depicting Aya’s earnest desire to live, and the love of her family, friends, and lover, the drama, “One Litre of Tears” wishes to deliver her simple but strong message: “Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing.”

Name - Erika Sawajiri
沢尻 エリカ

Born - April 8 ,1986,Nerima ,Tokyo ,Japan

Spouse - Tsuyoshi Takashiro (2009 - 2010)

Name -  Ryo Nishikido
錦戸 亮

Born - November ,3,1984

Genres - pop

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Spinocerebellar degeneration disease

Spinocerebellar degeneration is a form of ataxia which is defined by a patient experiencing a progressive loss of skeletal muscle control, although their mental acuity generally remains unaffected. There are a variety of treatments for the disease, although it has no known cure.
treatment and prognosis -there is no known cure for hereditary spinocerebellar degeneration, 

dolphin <3 

Monday, December 6, 2010

dolphin ;)

dolphin voices - the ultrasound it produces will reflect back to them,by this way,it can detect the object surround them, .. with this it also can communicate with the other dolphin from far away ,huhu this is one of the ocean's seven wonders ,there are still six of them that u have to know ,but i only gonna tell you about dolphin only because this one is my fav <3 so have ever u thought that u wanna be a dolphin? :P hahaha of coz la not ryte,im the one who have been thinking like that all the time ,if we be a dolphin,we can contact with people from far away without using a cell phone ,n maybe we can contact with people that had passed away :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tazkirah puasa ramadhan :)

  Pada pagi yang indah ini,ustaz (hehe) ingin menyampaikan sedikit tazkirah kepada adzim,adik nana,megat,ayna,aiman dan semua kwn2 ustaz n seluruh umat islam sekalian,Assalamualaikum semua :)

   Seperti yang kau org semua tahu,kalau dah nampak anak bulan pada waktu malam tuh,maknanye esk puasa lah an ? an ? jadi bila dah nmpk anak bulan,malam tu ,korang boleh lah menunaikan solat sunat terawih,bukan tarawih okeyh ;) hehe ,tapi pada malam tu ,korang jgn lah terlupa pulak untuk membaca niat puasa sebab niat puasa adalah antara syarat wajib puasa okeyh ! :)

   Talk about ramadhan ,apa yang memboleh kan puasa kita batal ??huhu puasa kita akan batal jika kita tidak melafazkan niat puasa,kita makan dan minum,kita keluar dari islam(murtad),dan yang lain2 ;) ,yang lain tu ustaz rasa xperlulah nyata an,ala,anak2 ustaz semua pndai2 :),huhu jika kita tidak melakukan perkara yang ustaz nyata kan di atas,konfem puasa xakan batal,hak3

   Okeyh sampai sini jelah ek tazkirah ustaz,hehe nih nak sampai rumah dah nih,Assalamualaikum semua ;)                                    

                                      -wat amal ibadat banyak2 okeyh-